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If you have any questions or feedback on this initiative please use this form to contact us. Whole Foods Market is proud to support I-522 and our right to know how our food is produced.


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Your Right to Know

This issue is about transparency and the consumer’s right to make informed decisions. We believe that growers using genetically modified seed, and producers using the products grown from that seed, have an obligation to share that information with the public. And the price paid by the food industry for relabeling is a pittance compared to the distrust that increasingly results from their concealment. We are in favor of I-522. At Whole Foods Market, we Will Vote for Food.
— Joe Rogoff, President, Whole Foods Market, Pacific Northwest Region

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Errol Schweizer shares why he and Whole Foods Market supports Yes on 522 and transparency in food production.


Shared Perspectives for Yes on 522